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 the blood of heroes
 the rockbiters strong hands
 kirbyverse conspiracy
 113. fear of draculars
 porcelin faced kerubim
 drinky crows suicide
 theodore roosevelt as apollyon
 kiss me lorelai gilmore
 ade means crown
 pravisant of the pentamerous
 ed eth adonael
 this every hive believe
 living idols on spaceships
 all the pope innocents
 prime number extraterrestrial penpals
 emperor nortons heir
 empires with petal thrones
 thule societys theos div
 lonely is the cemetary
 always winter never christmas
 prince lotors black robolion
 ender the xenocide
 typing sapphire
 long strand filament fibers
 ambelains alphabet celeste
 prince with 1000 enemies
 ensamnhet darling
 úlairë: elven ringwraiths
 lord breetais metal faceplate
 an asylum unto myself
 raistlin majere killing tiamat
 even skylab crashed
 ungoliant eats the silmarils
 love ending in commas
 an evil star
 rilkes second duino elegy
 even whiskey?
 luciferin luciferase bioluminescent reactions
 angels are gods robots
 rustmrik hollowhaunt nee geartooth
 urth cradle of apocalypse
 malake habbalah anti-paladins
 aztechnologys board of directors
 seidade cult of personality
 fortinbras storms into denmark
 wallachia engine
 malkavian antitribu
 barren realm glass spider
 seth & richie gecko
 found buried in antartica
 watching girls sleep
 mecha as tuxedos
 batmans malevolent autism
 sister susan mary devotion
 fuck golden valley
 watchtower space elevators
 menacing sound of distance
 be nice elf soap
 sixty-five million years ago
 ghost eskimo
 weapons from clue
 mhanknank diplomacy
 bikini atoll metaphors
 skies lousy with zepplins
 girls named john wayne
 wicked princes
 monotheistic cylon angel hallucinations
 black sutra doctrines
 skies thick w/bat cries
 goblin manifesto
 wil o wisps
 more machine than man
 borgesian grimoires & bands
 sons named edward hyde
 grand army plaza skirmishers
 william navidsons oubliette documentary
 moris uncanny valleys depths
 born nineteen oh eight
 spaceships that scream
 great furnaces of magog
 wounded fisher queens
 most precious gollum
 cair paravel will burn
 spelling villian wrong
 gregory edward rasputin teach
 xenosilicates from ribosomal abnormalities
 mr. punchs bloody mischief
 calamity janes son gillick
 spiders clenching their fists
 grim prime the dinobot
 xx morticias love letters
 my crown named kether
 cao nguyens garter belt
 spiders in matchboxes
 half of scissors
 ya igraiu na skripke
 my friend gary morbriar
 captain nemo the science-pirate
 sthenno & euryale mourn
 halloween coloured aishas
 yorda must be rescued
 my nom de guerre
 chicago typewriters
 take no prisoners
 hand painted toy soldiers
 zzrkzzrk hidalgos & pharisees
 nautilus pompilius survives extinction
 cleitus the black
 tentative steps before falling
 have gun will travel
 nimitz class aircraft carriers
 come into my parlor
 the endgame (engelmacherin/eschatomaniac)
 have you seen me?
 no hope park slope
 controlled singularities in orbit
 the goblin hegemons
 hester beasleys dharma
 no more tommorows
 corpse-child sepulchral infant
 the haunted dna harlequinaide
 hollowlisp the antinomist
 not scared of whales
 corpus callosum snipping surgery
 the hive of heaven
 honeymooning in cape fear
 old scratchs antihelios agenda
 coughing up swimming things
 the last narwhal
 i am vriska serket
 orcus archduke of malbolge
 crown me king
 the monolith from 2001
 i will kill again
 daughters named antigone
 the old firm
 indrid colds riddle
 penemues writing system
 diamonds rot at stp
 the piscene heirophant
 jeholopterus ninchengenesis
 ping! motherbox loves you!
 divinely written cranial sutures
 the raich-moloch
 jupiter brain synthetic intellegences
 polaroids of sad cardigans
 does not go gently
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