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 actually being honest
 adornment & embellishment
 all the colors
 almond anything
 always ani
 always peter gabriel
 angry sex
 appreciating reality
 architectural details
 beautiful sexy bras
 being a curvy woman
 being loud sometimes
 being so pretty
 black & white photography
 books that transport me
 breakfast in a restaurant
 celtic christianity
 cleansing tears
 collecting rocks and shells
 commencement bay
 cooking with friends
 curiosity is necessary
 dancing til im sweaty
 dark chocolate
 david whyte
 edible-smelling lotion
 emotional painting
 feeling tall
 finding home
 foot rubs
 frederick buechner
 getting stronger
 grieving well
 having anything stroked
 hearing god
 helene cixous
 hiking with bridget
 i love the stars
 in it for thelonghaul
 jacqueline berger
 kexp online
 knowing who i am
 korean body scrubs
 laughing til i cry
 lazy days
 learning contentment
 letting myself be loved
 living here now
 living sensuously
 love me some sufjan
 lust lab
 lynda barry
 maidenform boyshort underwear
 making lj icons
 mary oliver
 more gratitude
 mountains all around me
 my holyground discovery park
 new music
 new places
 new wave eighties music
 nicole hollander
 not having chin hairs
 not today she said
 noticing beauty
 one tiny human
 otr & hem
 paper stores
 parks and gardens
 passionate living
 piercings and tattoos
 poets all the poets
 rain at night
 raising my hands
 real hugs
 rest for my soul
 roses that smell good
 san francisco
 saying hello first
 seduction and surrender
 sexy dancing
 sexy delicious perfume
 shared humanity
 shiny things
 showing a little kindness
 silence and solitude
 singing in the car
 sleeping naked
 smart angry sexy music
 smelling the ocean
 so much gratitude
 soft rainy days
 soft sheets
 soft skin
 sound of running water
 southern accents and cooking
 steamy hot baths
 stories about time travel
 strength and tenderness
 swimming in warm water
 talking about everything
 tanya davis
 telling the truth
 the *idea* of florida
 the blue ridge parkway
 the glory of god
 the mexican place nextdoor
 the possibilities of travel
 the public library
 the sf japanese bathhouse
 the variousness of people
 the way men smell
 thinking about dreams
 tqi diet
 trader joes
 trusting my heart
 u2 for 30 years
 unexpected sunshine
 walking not driving
 watching babies be born
 waterfalls even manmade ones
 wearing flip-flops all summer
 wide open spaces
 wild windy days
 ♥ing my body
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